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Guide to Diabetes

Diabetes Dietary advice including during pregnancy and gestational Diabetes


Carbohydrates: A guide to carbohydrate containing foods (PDF)

The booklet provides a step by step approach on how you can become an efficient carbohydrate counter. The booklet highlights key areas: What is carbohydrate Do all carbohydrates foods influence blood glucose in the same way Quick acting and slow acting carbohydrates Estimating carbohydrate amounts matching insulin to carbohydrate produced by the Diabetes Specialist Dietitians as part of the DAFNE education programme UHL & LNDS Information leaflet Download Document

Gestational Diabetes Dietary Advice (PDF)

A guide for patient and healthcare professionals - UHL Leicestershire diabetes information leaflet Download Document

Carbohydrate Portion List (pdf)

This booklet lists a wide array of carbohydrate containing foods including takeaway foods in practical portion measures. UHL & LNDS Information leaflet (2012) Download Document