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Owen Mumford, Autopen insulin pen injection devices - Medical device alert

(January 2015)

The following pens have been affected

  • Autopen 24 1 unit pen Product code: AN4210. PIP code 293-5096. 
  • Autopen 24 2 unit pen. Product code: AN4200. PIP code 293-5070. 
  • Autopen Classic 1 unit pen. Product code: AN3810. PIP code 273-3178. 
  • Autopen Classic 2 unit pen. Product code: AN3800. PIP code 260-3561


Further details of affected pens can be found on the offical Medical alert



Contact your Diabetes team 
Stop using affected devices and to seek a replacement pen.


Risk of hyperglycaemia, which could lead to immediate and long-term deterioration of health. 

Affected devices may have a mechanical fault which could cause the dose selector to revert to zero resulting in the devices not delivering the correct dose of insulin 


Download Medical Alert information 


Medical Device Alert - Owen Mumford Autopen December 2014

Information about the device  Download Document