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Diabetes Services

Transformation Of Diabetes Service Leicester, Leicestershire And Rutland

Better care together A vision for Health and Social care services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.


Working together, LLR health and social care teams want to provide integrated , high quality services , delivered in local community settings where it is appropriate to do, whilst improving the emergency and acute care provided to the people of the area.  A programme of transformation, under the title "Better care together", is taking shape with a variety of projects already started.

The Programme is central to the health partners plans , encomapasses a wide range of proposed changes and is the single most significant priority for the local NHS over the next three years. See the Better Care Together website for more details

Why Change?

The People of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland represents one of the most diverse populations in the country in terms of age, education, ethnicity, wealth, health and health needs. Issues that need to be addressed include:

  • caring for an increasingly older and frail population
  • Inequality in the life expectancy of residents
  • Inequalities in access to services across the area
  • The increase in health care demands and costs against the scenario of low financial growth
  • Services for some groups of patients, particularly older people or those living with long term conditions , are geared towards dealing with crisis rather than prevention and management
  • Current configuration of services and facilities is not cost effective and clinical space underutilized
  • A need to invest in and maximse the use of modern technology

The Vision

Better care together aim to provide local NHS where services are distributed across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland with specialist hospitals concentrating on the acutely ill with complex needs and the less complex care being provided in community settings such as district hospitals and health centers.

They aim to:

  • Focus on early interventions, diagnosis and management of long term conditions
  • Offer opportunities for outpatients visits and minimally invasive day case procudures outside of acute care hospitals
  • Deliver equality of access to services
  • Find more alternatives to hospital stays, delivered close to home
  • Improve integrated health and social care to rovide a seamless service at all parts of a patients's journey
  • Develop integrated care for those in care homes
  • Facilitate greater use of information technology to suit both patients and clinicians needs
  • Create a local health system which is affordable in the long term

The Better care together programme provides coordination mechanism for the pieces of work which collectively deliver the vision.

The Programme board

The Programme board comprises of clinical and executive leads from the three CCG's,  Leicester Partnership Trust and the University Hospitals of Leicester. There is a Public health input, a lead nurse and social care representatives for the local authorities. The board is chaired by Dr Dave Briggs, Chair of East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG and the Programme Director id former chief executive of NHS Leicester City/ NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland LLR PCT Cluster Catherine  Griffiths.

The Programme Team brings together Project managers and Leads who are contributing towards the various work streams and projects , ensuring objectives and plans are met.

What this means in terms of providing and accessing quality Diabetes Care in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Diabetes care in Leicester has undergone transformation over the last couple of years. This has seen a redistribution of care across primary and specialised care. More and more patients are being seen locally for their diabetes care . GP’s and practice nurse shave undertaken clinical course to update them in diabetes management giving the patient receiving this care greater confidence that they are receiving high quality care. Within the hospital more complex diabetes patients will be seen inclusion those who are pregnant, those with foot ulcers, those who have renal problems and pregnant women to name but a few. All other care for people with diabetes will be locally in line with the better care together ethos.

Bernie Stribling Transformation Manager

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