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Guide to Diabetes

are you ready To Lose Weight?

What can I do to get started?


Losing weight involves making permanent changes to what you eat and drink and increasing your level of activity. To be able to do this you may need help and support from friends and family.

Losing weight takes time; remember that small changes can make a real difference.


Before starting to make changes to your diet, it is important to remember that the dietary changes you make should be realistic and manageable. Losing weight does not have to mean going on a strict diet. It is better to make small changes that you can maintain. Think about whether you could reduce your portions, improve your cooking methods ie using less oil or whether you could snack less.


In order to make changes you need to consider

  • How motivated you feel:- Why do you want to lose weight? To look better? To increase your energy levels? To better control your diabetes?
  • How determined you are: - Are you ready to lose weight now?
  • What lessons have your learnt:- Have you lost weight before? What worked? Did you attend a slimming group which was supportive? What hasn’t worked? Did you set an unrealistic target of going to the gym every day and struggled to find the time to do this? 

Aim to lose 0.5-1kg (1-2lbs) per week. See our How to lose weight section for helpful tips.

What can I do to increase my activity?

In order to successfully lose and maintain weight loss, regular physical activity is vital. Recommendations suggest 30 minutes 5 times a week.

Try to increase your activity levels above what you currently do and gradually build on this. Your heart rate needs to be moderately raised for it to be beneficial to health. Remember if you are on Insulin or tablets and want to increase your activity levels, speak to your diabetes team first as you may need to adjust your treatment. For more advice see Sports, Exercise and Activity 

Useful Website Links
  • Diabetes UK -Managing your Weight
  • A large resource of information sheets are downloadable from The Leicestershire Nutrition and Dietetics Service LNDS NHS Website For leaflets weight management groups/ supermarket tours held in Primary Care 
  • British Dietetic Association Website
On Line Weight Loss Websites