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Local Demographics


Key facts for NHS Leicester City CCG

Diabetes Population

Leicester City Population: 365,000

Reported Diabetes Prevalence: 25,915 (2011/12)

Diagnosed Diabetes Prevalence age 17 + in Leicester rate: 7.3%
 compared to similar CCG: 6.1% (Public Health 2012)

In 2011/12 NHS Leicster City CCG 56.5% of adults with diabetes had a HbA1c of 59mmol/mol or less. This is lower than the in other similar CCGs anfdand lower than England


Leicestershire County and Rutland

Diabetes Population

Leicestershire County and Rutland: 677,900 people
Reported Prevalence of Diabetes: 26,939 people  
Prevalence Rate: 4%
UK Prevalence Rate: 4.45% (DUK 2010)


In Leicestershire County & Rutland 69.2% of all people with diabetes aged 17 years and older have a HbA1c of 7.5 or less. This is statistically significantly higher than areas with populations with similar diabetes risk factors and statistically significantly higher than England as a whole. 


Leicestershire Diabetes Community Profile 

The Yorkshire and Humber Public Health Observatory has updated the Diabetes Community Profiles with data for 2012/13. The profiles bring together a wide range of data on diabetes in adults into a single source for the purposes of benchmarking. For more details view the Diabetes Community Profile City
 part of the Public health website.

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