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New start for clinical research network: East Midlands

(May 2014)

Clinical research in the region will receive a boost from 1 April 2014, with the launch of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network: East Midlands.

The Network – one of 15 across England, which all begin operating from today - brings together local hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and other healthcare providers from across the region, to collaborate in conducting high quality clinical research studies that could lead to better treatments for NHS patients.


NIHR Clinical Research Network: East Midlands will receive around £21.5m of funding this year to invest in clinical research nurses to match patients with appropriate research opportunities, carry out the clinical duties required for the studies and cover research-related costs such as x-rays and scans.


Having the opportunity to take part in research studies is important to the region’s patients and carers.  According to a consumer poll carried out by Censuswide last year, 95 per cent of people in the East Midlands, said that NHS doctors and nurses should always tell patients about clinical trials that would be suitable for them.


Commenting on the start-up of NIHR Clinical Research Network: East Midlands, Dr Jonathan Sheffield, Chief Executive of the Network at a national level explained:  “The Network has in fact been running for a while, but from April 2014 we will be operating in a new structure that will help us to reach out to even more healthcare providers and patients, and really make clinical research a part of the “day job” for the NHS – which is what it should be.”


Leading the new Network will be Clinical Director, Professor David Rowbotham and Chief Operating Officer, Elizabeth Moss, who will take on the role at the end of May.


Clinical Director Professor David Rowbotham said: “The East Midlands is one of the best regions for clinical research delivery in the country and these new research networks allows us to work with others nationally to deliver a portfolio of clinical research across all specialties and all localities.  This new, simpler structure will allow us to adopt improvements to our service more rapidly, and increase national consistency, in response to feedback from the research community.”


“Finally, I would like to thank all of the staff involved in the research networks across the area for their magnificent contribution and dedication. We have been planning the transition for over a year and everyone has worked tirelessly during that time to ensure that we continue our research programmes and keep recruiting patients to clinical trials.”

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