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Insulin Safety week - UHL  19th May 2014

Road shows on 3 sites 

Road show held at each site for one day in canteens

  • LRI May 20th      
    10.30 am -  2.30pm

  • LGH May 21st     
    10.30 am -  2.30pm

  • GGH May 22nd   
    10.30 am - 2.30pm

See Insulin safety week flyer

For all  Staff Find out about:

  • Insulin safety – what it means for you and your patients
  • Different types of insulin and regimes
  • How to minimise errors
  • Safe disposal of sharps
  • Info boards diabetes wards
  • Publicity on Insite with links to information and newletters etc
  • Introducing new the Diabetes prescription and monitoring chart

Advice, tips, info, raffle and more……

Plus 3 Build a Bears to raffle – just fill in a suggestion card and pop in box – you may be a lucky winner!


Why we’re holding an awareness week

  • Up to 20% of inpatients in UHL have diabetes

  • Audit data has shown that we can improve the quality of care for inpatients with diabetes

  • It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that insulin is used safely every time for every patient

  • This is an opportunity to signpost staff to educational sessions, e-learning modules and material available which will support the Safe Use of Insulin

  • It is also an opportunity for staff to be able to ask the diabetes team questions regarding insulin management in an informal setting.

  • There will be suggestions cards on which staff can record barriers experienced to the Safe Use of Insulin and changes they feel would improve the Safe Use of Insulin.

  • We need to highlight across the whole trust the importance of using insulin safely and also how staff can access training and support from the diabetes team to ensure that staff in all areas are able to manage patients diabetes safely and effectively

  • Also to introduce staff to ThinkGlucose – an educational toolkit delivered to nursing staff – which the inpatient diabetes team will be implementing across the trust over the next 2 yrs. ThinkGlucose has been shown to improve quality of care for inpatients with diabetes.

For more information contact the Diabetes Team:

Kath Higgins - Diabetes Consultant
June James - Nurse consultant
Judith Spiers - Matron
Helen Atkins - inpatient DSN