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Swimming the English Channel! - sponsored Swim for Diabetes UK

(19th June 2014) See LDC_tweets
Michelle at the channel

Training Upadate - June 2014

Quick update! We had our second organised training weekend in Dover this weekend by Diabetes UK.
Have successfully passed my 2 hour qualifier swim which means it is now official!
In 4 weeks we are crossing the English Channel!!
It was  a big challenge swimming for 2hours in cold choppy water. Water temperature was 14, air temperature had dropped which didn’t help either. At around 1hour and 40 minutes the cold shakes and cramps had started, which made the remaining 20 minutes feel like eternity!! Some of us struggled to get changed into dry clothes due to the shakes and the numbness (never felt anything like it before!!) but there were people there to help. (In the last photo you can tell we were all pleased that we made the qualifier!!)

Swim at night We also swam at night to get a feel of what it’s like to swim in the dark (on the day of our swim there is a possibility that we set off early hours of the morning). As you can see in the photo we are required to attach glow sticks on us. Who needs to go to a concert when you can have a rave in the sea!! J
Again, this is an opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who has sponsored this challenge and a massive thank you for your positive comments and support in the last few months.  

Please Donate

 If you prefer to donate online the link is:

Next update 

I am hoping that my next update will be the one of the actual crossing!!  

Track Michelle at sea


The day before my swim I will email a GPS tracker link to our boat, so you can keep track of us in the sea J See photo attached of our boat called SUVAJ

About Michelle


Michelle Hadjiconstantinou - research assistant, Leicster diabetes center is going to be swimming the English channel as part of a relay raising money for diabetes UK. We start from Dover (England), swim a total of 21miles (32km) and hopefully by avoiding big tankers, ferries, jellyfish and random planks of wood, we will reach our destination, Calais in France.



I am training weekly at a swimming pool and when the weather improves I will be dipping my toes in lakes to raise the level of training and tolerance to the cold water! 

You would think swimming in cold temperature (average 14c), possibly choppy water and high wind force would be a challenge itself but to make it even more interesting we will be swimming without a wetsuit! but I say.. “bring it on!!” - Read more 

Sponsor Michelle

If you wish to sponsor Michelle so she can swim in the cold sea in the middle of nowhere with lots of jellyfish, then you can either do this via the following link: 


Or text: HADJI98 £ (the amount you wish to donate) to 70070

I am aware there is always fundraising going on for various charities, so every little donation towards this is very much appreciated!
I thank you all.



Sponsored Swim for DUK - July 2014

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