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NICE Updates 2014

New NICE guidance on exercise referral schemes to promote physical activity

NICE has published the following guidance:


Local Government Briefings

NICE has published Local Government Briefings which are intended for local authorities and their partner organisations in the health and voluntary sectors, in particular those involved with health and wellbeing boards. Their latest briefing is on:


-  Body mass index thresholds for intervening to prevent ill health

among black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups  (LGB13) - summarises NICE's recommendations for local authorities and partner organisations on the use of body mass index (BMI) as a signal for preventive action against long-term medical conditions. ng-to-prevent-ill-health-among-black-asian-and-other-lgb13

-  Improving access to health and social care services for people who do not routinely use them 

(LGB14) - summarises NICE's recommendations for local authorities and partner organisations on improving access to health and social care services for vulnerable people who do not routinely use them, promoting equitable access for all. It is particularly relevant to health and wellbeing boards. re-services-for-people-who-do-not-routinely-use-them-lgb14