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Diabetes Services

Children's  Hospital admissions / Inpatient care

Please write your picture caption hereInpatient facilities are provided for young people under 16 at the Children’s Hospital within Leicester Royal Infirmary and there are inpatient facilities for young people over 16 within the Leicester Royal Infirmary.
 Children and young people will be admitted to Children’s Assessment Unit or ward 28 if they require inpatient care for their diabetes.

Children with surgical problems will be admitted to ward 10 or 11.

Any child with diabetes will be discussed with one of the diabetes team doctors or one of the PDSN’s and advice will be given on management of their diabetes while in hospital.

On Admisison to Inpatient care

  • Any in patients will be reviewed by a member of the MDT within 24 hours of admission to hospital unless the admission is over a weekend.
  • Newly diagnosed children admitted over a weekend should be discussed with the paediatric endocrinologist/ diabetologist on call within 24 hours of admission.
  • Out of hours the care of children with diabetes will be managed by the on call general paediatric registrar and consultant. Additional specialist advice from the paediatric endocrinologist on call is available to health professionals 24 hours a day via UHL switchboard.


  • Advice on the management of new patients or those admitted with DKA as well as advice for any children admitted as an emergency with a surgical problem can be found on the intranet in the Clinical guidelines section, going via sharepoint to the children’s medical guidelines:



Admitting children with diabetes for Routine Surgery 

Children being admitted for routine surgery should be discussed with the paediatric diabetes team when the admission date is set.

This should be done by sending an e-mail to ‘paediatric diabetes team’ via the Outlook address book, highlighting:

  • the child’s name
  • hospital number
  • planned admission date
  • details of the procedure.

Any plans for a change in treatment prior to admission to hospital will be discussed with the family by one of the PDSN’s or the admitting surgical team, following guidance from the paediatric diabetes team. Guidelines for the management of diabetes during surgery are available on the intranet.