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Diabetes Services

Childrens Diabetes Clinics (Outpatients)

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Outpatient clinics are curently held at the Leicester Royal Infirmary Paediatric department, Windsor building Level 0. All members of our multidisciplinary team (MDT) attend these clinics.


Paediatric/ Childrens Multidisciplinary Clinics (upto 16 years) 

Every Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons
Contact: 0116 258 5147

Insulin Pump Clinics


Alternate Thursday mornings 
Contact: 0116 258 5147/5545


Annual Review - Age banded and age appropriate

Once a year.
All patients have recorded annual review processes and documented age appropriate education goals in line with NICE guidance.

Transition to Adult Services
 - (Young adults aged 16-19 years)


Every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 3.30pm (attended by paediatric consultant, PDSN, paediatric dietitian, adult 
consultant and DSN).
Patients are invited to attend this clinic by the paediatrician once they have reached their 16th birthday. See transitition clinics for more details

UHL Contacts Paediatric Team

  • Consultants Secretary - 0116 258 7737
  • Children’s Diabetes Nurses - 0116 258 6796
  • Diabetes Dietitian - 0116 258 509
  • Childrens’s Admission unit - 0116 258 6923

Peripheral childrens clinics

These MDT clinicsare run bimonthly clincs on a Tuesday afternoon for patients from the local area. 


Coalville Community Hospital

First (1st)Tuesday afternoon of every second month of the year (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct & Dec)
 Contact: 01530 467431


Loughborough Hospital - Nurse led Clinic

Fourth (4th) Tuesday afternoon of every 2nd month of the year
Contact: 01509 564355


Melton Mowbray - Latham House

First (1st) Tuesday afternoon of every 2nd month (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov)
Contact: 01664 854905


Market Harborough & District Hospital

4th Tuesday afternoon of every 2nd month (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sep, Nov) Contact: 01858 43813

All  Appointments


  • Appointments are made centrally through the Leicester Royal Infirmary.
  • Appointments for existing patients can be cancelled arranged or re-arranged by contacting the clinic co-ordinator directly at the community hospital.
  • Allow upto 30 minute for appointment slots.
  • All clinics have near patient testing for their HbA1c, so that their result is available at the time of their consultation. 
  • Patient records are accessed by the whole team during the appointment
  • At each visit patients are measured for both weight and height and plotted on the appropriate chart and their BMI is calculated.
  • All members of the team will review the young persons injection sites at each visit unless this is part of their annual review.
  • Education is an integral part of every clinic attendance and will be delivered by all members of the team.

After each clinic

  • Patients are offered appointments at a minimum of 3 monthly in line with National Guidance.
  • New patients are seen more regularly and this is spaced out according to individual need.
  • Any patient requesting to be seen more frequently or with a need to be seen more frequently due to problems with a high HbA1c or any other concerns are seen at their request.

Non Attendance

  • Young people who repeatedly miss clinic appointments are contacted by the PDSN or PDSW by telephone or text and if required a home or school visit is arranged. Safeguarding procedures are initiated as necessary.