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Admissions avoidance and diabetes

(18th December 2013)


A report from a coalition of diabetes organisations reports that there are tens of thousands of people with diabetes a year who are not receiving the support they need to manage their condition from primary
care or do not have sufficient access to specialist diabetes teams once
they get to hospital. 'Admissions avoidance and diabetes: guidance for
clinical commissioning groups and clinical teams' indicates there are
more than 600,000 "excess bed days" a year in people with diabetes.


The large regional variation strongly suggests that this can be reduced
through improved coordination of care and support outside hospital. The
report recommends that the NHS should ensure it is commissioning
adequate diabetes inpatient specialist nurse numbers, as well as
identifying and supporting individuals who are frequently re-admitted
with diabetes specific emergencies and commissioning teams of foot
specialists to help prevent amputation.


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