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Last 200 year in Diabetes - New England Journal of Medcine release this article - Kenneth S. Polonsky, M.D.

4th October 2012

Diabetes was first recognized around 1500 b.c.e. by the ancient Egyptians, who considered it a rare condition in which a person urinated excessively and lost weight. The term diabetes mellitus, reflecting the fact that the urine of those affected had a sweet taste, was first used by the Greek physician Aretaeus, who lived from about 80 to 138 c.e. It was not until 1776, however,that Matthew Dobson actually measured the concentration of glucose in the urine

of such patients and found it to be increased.1 Read the rest of the article


200 Years in Diabetes (PDF 300KB)

Article Published in the NEJM Oct 2012 Download Document