Palliative Diabetes Care - End of Life Diabetes Care

This End Of Life Care Guidance has recently been endorsed by the Clinical Director for the End of Life Care for NHS England


The Second Edition is out now! - please click here to download your copy - (October 2013) 

The authorship of the document includes: June James, Nurse Consultant,  UHL Diabetes and graphics designed at the LDC.

End of life care involves providing support to allow people to die with dignity, keeping them as comfortable as possible until the end, and assisting families to manage this often distressing experience.  In view of its high prevalence and associated complications and co-morbidities, diabetes is often present in those patients at the end of life.


Patients with diabetes who are at the end of life have a unique set of care needs including those relating to health and social care. However, end of life diabetes care has been recognised as an area lacking quality standards and guidance on best clinical practice. This document aims to summarise a consistent but high quality approach towards end of life care for people with diabetes by providing a series of clinical care recommendations.


The Guidance 

The Guidance

The guidance comprises of two documents, the first clinical care recommendations and the second supporting information. Downloadable information sheets relating to staff competencies and a short guide for healthcare professionals relating to sick day rules are also included in the clinical care recommendations. These documents should be should be seen to build on the strategic document called End of Life Strategy published by the Department of Health in July 2008* but focuses on the special issues and challenges provoked by end of life care for patients with diabetes. We hope that this new diabetes-related guidance will contribute to the development of consistent approaches in the delivery of this care at the end of life. The document was designd within the Leicester Diabetes Centre.


Clinical Care Recommendation- End Of Life Diabetes Care 2nd Edition (PDF 640KB)

Commissioned by Diabetes UK - Newly updated Second Edition of the EOL Guideline October 2013 Download Document

End of Life Diabetes Care - FULL Guidance 2nd Edition - (PDF 760KB)

A strategy document commissioned by DUK in association with TREND-UK, ABCD, IDOP Endorsed by NHS Diabetes, DISN, Diabetes Nurse consultant group 2nd Edition October 2013  Download Document

A5 Supplementary Document: End of Life Diabetes Care 2nd Edition (PDF 523KB)

2nd Edition Tables, flowcharts and information  Download Document