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New Guidelines for drivers with diabetes treated with insulin

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has today issued new guidelines aimed at making it easier for drivers with insulin-treated diabetes to understand the new driver licensing rules recently introduced to comply with a new European Directive on driving licences.

Diabetes UK worked closely with the DVLA to make sure that the information available to drivers is clear and easy to understand.

Following concerns raised by Diabetes UK that the application form for a driving licence was misleading, the DVLA agreed to implement a number of changes to the form, such as making it clearer what is meant by a "severe hypoglycaemic event". Link to DUK for more information

See Diabetes and Insulin Driving on Directgov website:


Safe Driving and the DVLA patient leaflet (2012)

Information about the driving and the new law produced by UHL  Download Document