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Leicestershire Diabetes Focus Group 

The Leicestershire Diabetes Focus Group (LDFG) was established in 2008 following an NIHR initiative to create research specific networks to support the delivery and conduct of clinical diabetes research. The Leicestershire Diabetes Focus Group was formed in 2008 and is part of a SEM Diabetes Research Network (DRN) initiative.

The Focus group is lead by Claire Studd and Michelle Izzard Patient and Public Involvement is an important part of the research process as it provides input from a lay perspective and can offer an insight which may have been overlooked by researchers.


The LDFG meet regularly to review research proposals and patient information literature for current and forthcoming studies.

Aims of the LDFG

  • Increase membership
  • Publicise the LDFG across Leicestershire
  • To raise awareness of diabetes in the diverse community of Leicestershire
  • To consider whether proposals for new research studies are relevant to the needs of those affected by diabetes
  • To review patient information literature and feedback to researchers on whether it uses understandable language
  • Provide training & education opportunities for members

The group members attend promotional events in order to raise awareness of diabetes and to increase group membership. Members of our group have attended national conferences as delegates and speakers and have also been given the opportunity to enrol in educational courses.
We produce a twice yearly newsletter detailing our events and work of the group.

The first PPI meeting of 2012 was held on 24th April in the new Leicester Diabetes Centre. The meeting was well attended with over 25 people with a mix of some established and new members.

  • Patient Public Involvement (PPI) - see PPI page

PPI offers a different perspective from that provided by researchers – that of someone living with diabetes either as a patient, carer or family member of someone with the condition.

We have over 60 people on our mailing list who are willing to provide feedback from a lay perspective on studies and patient information leaflets etc.

The group have undertaken 26 reviews and are very keen to keep on reviewing! 


  • Promotional events - for public and researchers

Our group also attend outreach events throughout the year. In the past we have had stands at the Highcros sShopping Centre, Leicester Food & Drink Festival and various research focused conferences.

Get involved with the LDFG 

These are the different options for involvement:


  • Become a member of the LDFG
  • Be kept informed of Network activities via our Newsletter
  • Take part in answering questionnaires or surveys
  • Register an interest to participate in clinical trials or research studies


If you are interested in being a member of the LDFG you can also get involved with:


  • Reviewing study literature (participant information leaflets, protocols etc)
  • Writing an article for our newsletter
  • Attending one of our outreach promotional events
  • Attending conferences 

These events can provide an opportunity for researchers to meet potential study participants and take study information to distribute

We also produce a bi-yearly newsletter in which you could submit an article about your study

How to access the group



If you have literature for review or would just like input into your study idea or design, you can access the group in the following ways:

  • Attend one of our quarterly meetings 
  • For a faster turnaround, we have an email review group
  • Our  events can provide an opportunity for you to meet potential study participants and take study information to distribute.
  • We also produce a bi-yearly newsletter in which you could submit an article about your study

We would however really appreciate it if you could feedback on your applications or literature after review as it helps the group to understand the research process better and also makes them feel as though their input is valued.


South East Midlands Diabetes Research Network 

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Leicester Diabetes Centre (Broadleaf)

Leicester General Hospital

Gwendolen Road

Leicester LE5 4PW

For reviews, please email:

Or call/speak to: Claire o 0116  258  7256 / 4709

If you you would like to become a member of the Leicestershire Diabetes Focus Group  (LDFG) then please contact Claire Studd or Michelle Izzard
Text PPI followed by your name and contact details to 88010

Tel: 0116 258 4709 / 7256

or visit the website:

Diabetes Research for patients


Leicestershire Diabetes Focus Group - Poster

Information about getting involved with the focus group Download Document