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Free BNF app for your iphone/ipad/android phone 

Smrt Phone


Health and social care professionals can now access up-to-date prescribing information from the British National Formulary (BNF) via their Android and iPhone smartphones. The official NICE BNF app will enable users to browse and search full content from BNF, receive notifications when new editions and updates are available, bookmark content and even choose their preferred reading settings.

Once downloaded, the app can be run without an internet connection meaning that professionals can access the BNF wherever they are.

Users will need to enter their NHS Athens user name and password to activate the app and download the content.


UHL Staff

If you would like to get an NHS Athens account, go to the library website - and if you already have one but have lost your password or some other calamity, just contact Sarah Sutton - Clinical Librarian  or any of the library staff and we will be able to sort it our for you.

More Apps 

An app for the British National Formulary for Children (BNFC) is in the late stages of development and will be released soon.

Sarah Sutton