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Patient information booklet and insulin safety cards/passports - implementation guide

The patient information booklet


The Safe Use of Insulin and You Information booklet can be used in partnership with the patient-held record (the Insulin Passport) which documents the patient’s current insulin products and enables a safety check for prescribing, dispensing and administration. 

Both these document improve patient safety by empowering patients as they take an active role in their treatment with insulin.

How can I implementent this in my NHS Trust?

If you would like further information in implementing this booklet in your own NHS Trust
(Trust logos can be included) please contact June James on: or

How to use the leaflet

  • Give the leaflet to the patient and encourage them to read it.
  • Explain that several insulins have similar names and this leaflet is highlighting this.
  • Record that the patient information leaflet has been given.

If working in a GP practice, record the appropriate Read Code in the patient’s notes:

  • Insulin alert patient information booklet given 8CE01
  • Professional judgement not to engage patient with insulin alert requirements 8IF
  • Insulin alert patient information booklet information discussed 671F0.

The insulin safety cards

These cards can be ordered by contacting the local representative, for more information about how to obtain these and corresponding read codes and advice link to the NHS diabetes website

If the correct insulin safety card is not available:

Give the NPSA generic insulin passport and complete the details for the insulin(s) and device prescribed.