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Dpeartment of Health - National Service Framework (NSF) for Diabetes and reports

The Diabetes Standards UK -


  • Standard 1 - Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes .
  • Standard 2 - Identification of people with diabetes    
  • Standard 3 -  Empowering people with diabetes   
  • Standard 4 - Clinical care of adults with diabetes  
  • Standard 5 - Clinical care of children and young people with diabetes
  • Standard 6 - Smooth Transtional care formpaediatic to adult care
  • Standard 7 - Management of diabetic emergencies
  • Standard 8 - Care of people with diabetes during admission to hospital
  • Standard 9 - Diabetes and pregnancy            
  • Standard 10 - Detection and management of long-term complications
  • Standard 11 - All young people and adults with diabetes will receive regular surveillance for the long-term complications of diabetes.
  • Standard 12 - All people with diabetes requiring multi-agency support will receive integrated health and social care.

National reports

All Recent Diabetes Reports can be found on the New Department of Health website

Archived Reports

Below you will find all the documents relating to the NSF all in the DH archive website

Children and Maternity Service





Diabetes Retinopathy Screening