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 23rd March - 1st April 2012
National Salt Awareness Week 2012salt


Raising the awareness of the health implications of a high salt diet, with focus of the benefits of a reduced salt diet in stroke prevention.

You can find more information about how to reduce salt in your diet in our healthy eating section - Reducing Salt see the menu on the left


      Join Well-being at work in the LRI restaurant on Thursday 29th March with Lloyds Pharmacy to find out more about Salt in your diet and to have your cholesterol, bp and diabetes checked. 

FACT: Small amounts of salt are essential for our health, however we need less than a gram.  


FACT: High blood pressure is the single biggest cause of a stroke, responsible for about half of ischemic strokes.  A high salt diet increases your blood pressure and will therefore increase your risk of stroke.


FACT: Most of the salt you eat (75%) is hidden in processed foods.  Our average salt intake is 8.6g per day much higher than the recommended maximum of 6g per day.



FACT:  Eating more fruit and vegetables will increase your intake of potassium, this helps to counteract the effect that salt has on increasing blood pressure.



Lloyds Pharmacy will be available to take staff cholesterol, blood pressure and also diabetes checks, just turn up in the restaurant:

LRI Thursday 29th March 12-2pm   



If you have any questions please email Marcella Burgess at


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