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Leicestershire Diabetes at DUK Annual Professional Conference

DUK At glasgow seccLeicestershire Diabetes Team had a strong presence at the Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference 7-9th March 2012 in Glasgow.

Here's a quick insight as to what we did! 


Diabetes UK Education and Self Management Award

  • National DESMOND progamme - Stand 
  • Walking Away for Diabetes Poster
  • Desmond Ongoing poster
  • Lay Educator poster
  • The DESMOND Lay Educator study: testing a training programme for lay educators to deliver the DESMOND (Diabetes Education and Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed) programme in partnership with healthcare professional educators Oral presentation by Dr Marian Carey - Chief Investigator (National Director for the DESMOND Programme) 

Results of the DESMOND Lay Educator Study are going to be presented on Thursday at the DUK Professional Conference. This study conducted a scientific trial to see whether lay people who had been selected and trained to deliver patient group education together with healthcare professional educator partners could meet the same standards as healthcare professionals in this role. The Lay Educators have been working in for Primary Care Trusts around the UK including Leicestershire, County and Rutland. The presentaion will decsribe the sucees of the study and the DESMOND team are already planning training courses for any adopter sites in 2012. This presentation has been short listed for the"Diabetes UK Patient Education Award!"


Oral Abstracts Diabetes Research Team

  • BES (British Endocrine Society) Increased cardiovascular events in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: retrospective analysis of a large database - Hamidreza Mani 
  • David Webb - Vitamin D update

  • Effectiveness of lifestyle education for reducing diabetes and cardiovascular risk in people with metabolic syndrome AJ Dunkley, MJ Davies, MA Stone, NA Taub, J Troughton, T Yates and K Khunti


Poster Presentations


  • Association of type 2 diabetes with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome; analysis of a large cohort of patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome- Hamidreza Mani

  • Plasma Selenium Levels in South Asian and White European Individuals: Patrice Carter, Emer Brady, Essam Talha, Shaban Al-Rmalli, Richard O. Jenkins, Laura J Gray, Kamlesh Khunti,  Melanie Davies and  Parvez I. Haris,

  • Effect of Mediterranean diet on fasting glucose as compared to other dietary interventions: A Network Meta-analysis: F.A. Achana, P. Carter, J.Troughton, L.Gray, K.Khunti, M.J.Davies

  • Association of serum Potassium levels to 2 hour blood glucose – ADDITION Leicester: Lauren Quinn, Patrice Carter, Laura J Gray, Kamlesh Khunti, David Webb and Melanie Davies



Two other posters were presented also by Diabetes Specialist Nurses Lynne Matthews and Anne Spanswick

Symposium Sessions

Session Diabetes Ethnicity 

  • South Asians and Diabetes - Kamlesh Khunti 
  • Differential impact of lifestyle factors in different ethnic groups - Dr Thomas Yates

Small beginnings to future dilemmas    

  • Complex cases: “more than meets the eye!" - Dr Ian Lawrence

Prevention of Type 2 diabetes: update on the recent evidence

  • Sedentary behaviour and diabetes prevention: is it time to stand up and be counted?- Thomas Yates
  • Prevention of diabetes: evidence from real world implementation- Kamlesh Khunti, 

Chaired by Prof Melanie Davies

NHS Diabetes Safe use of insulin- June James

New e-learning and inpatient Diabetes care - June James
JBDS Guidelines Sessions- June James

Networking Meetings 

Diabetes Specialist Nurses National Workforce Survey 
Patients and Professional Educators Specialist Meeting- Nurse Competencies


Some of the diabetes team are chairing and judging oral poster presentations

  • Di Todd - Chairing Oral Diabetes and Pregnancy 
  • Paul McNally-  Young Diabetologist Travel Award
  • Rachel Berrington - Consensus standards for casting (foot)
  • June James- 

See DUK website for the agenda