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MY Diabetes Handbook Resource for patients in Leicestershire. 

Information for Healthcare Professionals 

“Empowering People with Diabetes”

My Diabetes Handbook

The new resource

The Personal Diabetes Handbook has been produced originaly by the University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) 2006 in an effort to help empower the patient to allow the patient to communicate with the healthcare professional to help manage diabetes & to make the consultation with the health care professional more meaningful. This is a resource available to all patients across Leicestershire and is very popular. it has recently been updated 2013 and now comes as a three booklet pack.  (see image)

Useful tips to help you use the record effectively in your consultations 

Take some time to familiarise yourself with the hand held record and all its useful features so that you can use it most effectively in your consultations to engage people with diabetes in their self-management.

Some Frequenty Asked Questions Answered


So what is it exactly?

It is a patient hand held record, the record belongs to the patient and allows them to write in their personal diabetes details and personal self care goals and test results.


How should I introduce the record to someone with diabetes?

How you introduce the record is important. Remember to be positive and enthusiastic, encouraging people to bring their record to all future appointments. Individualise the record by recording the relevant information, such as clinical outcomes for individuals to review and benchmark progress over time. Encourage your patients with diabetes to record details in their record too, so that it is viewed as a shared document.

How will the record help me in my practice?

The record can form the basis of an educational tool for people with diabetes. It can be used to negotiate targets, and review progress. It can back up the educational messages that you are trying to develop, and will help you work in partnership with your patients to help them in the self-management of their diabetes.

Will the hand held record still be relevant over a long time period?

As years go by people with diabetes and health care professionals should find the hand held records increasingly useful. The record provides the opportunity to review and individualise diabetes management. The progressive nature of type 2 diabetes can be clearly explained, together with the necessity for therapies such as blood pressure medication and statins. The record will allow for reflection on progress and discussion of personal management plans which incorporate both lifestyle and medical interventions.

My patients still have the old verison where can additional pages for the old resource?

Additional page inserts for the handbook can be download and printed from here

•                Personnal Action Plan
•                Annual Review Targets
•                Annual Review pages 57/58
•                Annual Review Sheet 
•                Appointments


You should however request New copies of the Handbook for your practice 

Free copies of the resource are available for practices in Leicestershire from the Diabetes Centre at Leicester General Hospital. 


Bernie Stribling
T: 07971 426592

T: 0116 258 8512 


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