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Guide to Diabetes

How Can I Control My Diabetes, Keep Safe And Still Enjoy My Life?


Below are a few helpful tips and advice on “Teenage Life”, things such as:

  • Relationships

  • Eating Out

  • Holidaying

  • Leaving home

  • Employment and Driving

  • Risks and dangers of Recreational Drugs and Drinking


Don’t Let Diabetes Affect Your Relationships


Diabetes is nothing to be ashamed of and you are safest when the people around you know that you have diabetes. It’s up to you however to tell them about your diabetes and what to do to help you if you do have hypo, or diabetic emergency, eg, feeling unwell or developing Ketoacidosis. No doubt your friends and family will be intrigued and will want to know more, so EDUCATE them!


Sex is a form of exercise so if you are sleeping with someone, be aware that you are more likey to have a hypoglycaemic reaction keep glucose tablets handy and let your partner know.
Practice safe sex  and be aware of the problems you may be more susceptible to such as thrush and sexually transmitted diseases STDs see Fpa website. If you have diabetes there are other problems you can encounter. speak to your diabetes team.

Leaving Home


Leaving home can be a big shock, especially if your parents or the people you lived with played a big part in caring for your diabetes. University halls or lodgings are a far cry from home, especially if you are feeling ill and need somebody to help you. You are safest if people around you know, so if you are leaving home now is the time to take full control of your diabetes.


Eating The Right Foods: Healthy Balanced Eating


It important that you do eat the right foods and maintain a healthy balanced diet and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Cut the “junk food”. why not try some of our healthy recipes and meal ideas

Try and take up some exercise or do a sport to help you lose weight if you are overweiht and help improve your diabetes control. Even celebrities and sporting heros have diabetes.

Drink Safely

Its illegal to buy alcohol if you are under 18 years old

Diabetes does not have to hinder your social life, just remember to tell your circle of friends that you are diabetic and make them aware of your condition and how they can help you if you have diabetic emergency.

If you are going out with your mates having diabetes does not stop you drinking alcohol but you should take the precautions for your own safety and the safety of others. Have a look at how alcohol can affect your body and your diabetes. 


Diabetes can affect your ability to drive, even the following day as you will have alcohol in your body. Driving safely
Have a look at the drinking guidelines for precautions you should take whilst drinking ie making sure have something to eat before hand.


Smoking And Drugs


Try to cut down or quit smoking, it is better for your health and for those around you. There is plenty of help available in Leicestershire.

If you are tempted with recreational drugs, remember that they can affect your diabetes. Read more about Recreational Drugs and what they can do to you and how they can affect your diabetes.

Remember if you do need help, advice or support DO tell you Diabetes Care Team in confidence; they are there to help you.!!




  • Always keep an eye on your blood sugar levels
  • Carb up on potatoes, pasta, rice before a big night out.
  • Carry extra glucose and wear your medical I.D. tag
  • Remember to snack before going to bed
  • Let a friend you trust know about hypos and what to do.
  • Look after yourself, be smart and stay safe.


  • Its never too late to quit- its even better not to start!
  • Stopping is better than cutting down or low tar fags.
  • Get help and support from people you trust.


  • Don’t mix uppers with other drugs, especially alcohol.
  • Keep water levels up- steadily drink sugary, non alcoholic drinks and water especially if you are dancing
  • Avoid uppers altogether, the risks are not worth it.


  • Eat before, during, and after drink
  • Alternate between alcohol, soft drinks and water
  • Be aware of low-sugar beers as they are more alcoholic
  • Seek advice if you start vomiting.


  • Avoid mixing cannabis with alcohol
  • Don’t be tempted by sugary snacks
  • Don’t forget to stick to your diabetes routines.