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Guide to Diabetes

Healthy Eating for Kids and young people 

For some children and young people with diabetes, snacks are important to prevent hypoglycaemia at certain times of the day and before, during and after exercise.

Healthy Snacks for Children and Young adults

Extra snacks may be difficult for you to fit into your day, or may contain extra sugar, fat or salt that isn’t part of a healthy diet.

It is best to choose foods from the “Low Fat Snacks or “Medium Fat Snacks” pictured above most often. Fruit, crackers etc..

For more information download the Good Snack Guide, advice sheets below about diabetes, blood sugars, balanced eating and your goals or have a chat with your diabetes team.


Healthy Eating for Young people with Diabetes

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Healthy Eating and Diabetes For Young Children

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The Good Snack Guide

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