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Guide to Diabetes

Foundation: Group Education for people with Newly Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes (Based at UHL)


What Are These Groups?

These are a 2 session, group education programme for people with newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes, who want to learn more and meet with others with recently diagnosed Type 1 diabetes.


Who Are These Groups For?


The group is for any English speaking adults with newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes. (First year of diagnosis and are able to attend within 3 months of being diagnosed)


What Are These Education Groups About?

8 hours of education is offered, this can be either as 2 afternoons 14.00-18.00pm or one full day.

The education is delivered by DSN’s and specialist dietitians. The aim of the education is to empower people to take responsibility for their diabetes early on by providing information, some skills and a chance to discuss issues, such as annual review and complications, healthy eating and food, how insulin works.

We have had some really positive feedback from patients who appreciate meeting other’s in the same situation and sharing experiences. The groups are practical and informative.


When Are Theses Groups Held?


Each session is on a Tuesday afternoon from 14:00-18:00pm.  They run at the Leicester General Hospital and at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

What Can I Expect From The Sessions

Session 1Each group of newly diagnosed patients attends two 4 hour sessions (4-6pm) which are spaced two weeks apart. Or one whole day of education. Partners are welcome to att4end the session.

Session 1

  • Welcome
  • Aims and expectations
  • What is diabetes
  • Treatments
  • Introduction to dose adjustment
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Food
  • Questions & Answers

Session 2

  • Welcome
  • Review
  • Food and dose adjustment
  • The Annual Review
  • Fun Quiz- covering other issues affecting diabetes management including: alcohol, physical activity, what to do when you are ill and driving.
  • Social issues and Dr’s Questions- a consultant joins the session to give you the opportunity to talk about any other issues.


How Do I Attend These Group Education Sessions?


If you would like to attend these group sessions please discuss it with your diabetes team and ask them to refer you.  This group is part of the care plan (i.e. not a casual attendance) and it does involve working with other’s in a group setting.



Newly Diagnosed Type 1 education - information leaflet - (PDF 110KB)

Download our new patient information leaflet Download Document