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Guide to Diabetes

Dairy Foods


These foods provide a rich source of calcium and are vital for strong bones and teeth. It is important that you have the correct amount every day to help keep your bones healthy.

Aim for 3 servings a day, where 1 serving is:

  • 200ml milk (1/3 pint)

  • 25g hard cheese (the size of a small match box)

  • 1 small pot yoghurt or 1 glass of lassi.

These foods can also be high in fat so try the following:


  • Try reduced fat cheeses or lower fat alternatives, eg Edam, cottage cheese, curd cheese, half fat cheddar, camembert
  • If you prefer higher fat cheeses use small amounts
  • Try grating mature cheeses so you can use less
  • Use semi- skimmed milk, 1% fat or skimmed milk
  • Use low fat or diet yoghurts
  • Instead of full fat evaporated milk, choose low fat (although it is still high in calories so use sparingly)
  • Try making paneer and yoghurt with semi skimmed milk.



Don’t forget to include at least 8 glasses per day, try water or an alternative sugar free drink.!


(Reviewed and updated by Hannah Berkerly Senior Diabetes Specialist Dietitan UHL 2014)