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Guide to Diabetes


Frequently Asked Questions About Diet And Diabetes : Take the quiz how much do you know?

Can I still enjoy treats?

There may be occasions where you want to have a treat e.g. birthday cake or chocolate. That’s fine!! If you know that you are going to have a treat there are two things you can do to minimize the effect on your blood glucose levels.

1. Reducing Carbohydrate Intake:
Through studies we know that the total carbohydrate (i.e. starchy + sugary food) amount is what affects blood glucose not necessarily the type. So if you were to have a treat after your meal you could reduce the starchy portion e.g. rice/ potato/ bread/ pasta to allow for sugary treat.

For example: Instead of: a) Meat, 5 roast potatoes and vegetables + apple crumble + custard.
Try b) Meat, 2 roast potatoes and vegetables + apple crumble + custard This will lead to less of an increase in blood glucose and eating less will also be helpful to your weight.

2. Be more active:
If you are able to be active after having a sugary dessert or big meal this will help to stop blood glucose going up as high. This is because activity helps to push the glucose in your blood into your cells. This reduces the amount of glucose in your blood.

b) Meal + pudding + walking = less high blood glucose Of course if you are trying to lose weight having a treat needs to be limited


Test your Knowledge –can you answer the questions below?

Question 1.
Which part of the following meal can affect blood glucose levels?

  • Roast beef
  • 2 x Yorkshire pudding
  • 5 x Roast potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Peas

Question 2.
Does eating too much sugar and sweet foods cause diabetes?

Question 3.
If you cut down by the calorie equivalent of 3 digestive biscuits every day, how much weight could you lose in 3 months?

Question 4.
Will brown bread have a slower effect on blood glucose than white bread?

Question 5.
Can people with diabetes eat grapes and bananas?

Question 6.
Do People with Diabetes have to eat snacks?

Question 7.
Are diabetic products good for me?

Question 8.
Do I have to avoid all sugar?