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Healthier Asian Recipes

Helathy thali

Welcome to our recipes page, here you wil be able to download authentic asian recipes with some helpful hints and tips incorporated into our recipes to help you make your meals more healthier without compromising on flavour.

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A comprehensive library of authentic asian recipes, mainly south asian with nutritional labelling and how to make them healthier can also be found Ismaili Nutrition Website (Azmina Govindji- nutritionist)


Chicken Pilau- in English and Mirpuri

Chicken and rice dish cooking it the healthy way. Chicken pilau Download Document

Turkey Curry

Ideas for left over Christmas turkey Download Document

Mixed Vegetables and Red Lentil Curry

A healthy recipe for you to try. Download Document

Chickpea Curry- in English and Hindi

Nice simple curry that can be served with plain rice or chapattis. Download Document

Chickpea /Urid Dhal Curry- in English and Punjabi

Chick pea curry in Punjabi  Download Document

Fish Curry- in English and Bengali

Quick, tasty, healthy south asian curry. Download Document

Khadi- in English and Gujarati

A yoghurt based curry, very tantilising!!!  Download Document

Lamb Curry- in English and Bengali

Healthy version of the traditional lamb curry. Nice and spicy Download Document

Marinated Chicken with Cous Cous

Serves 2 Download Document

Meat and Spinach Curry in English and Mirpuri

Healthy version of the traditional meat curry. Download Document

Vegetable and Potato Fritters

Quick and simple asian recipe,ideal as a starter Download Document

Zubedas Savoury Chickpeas

We all remember Zubedas spicy chickpeas, well heres the recipe- Its healthy too. Download Document

Vegetable Kebabs

Oven bake or shallow fry, try this unusual but sweet blend of spicy vegetable kebabs Download Document

Vegetable Biryani- Classic in English and Gujarati

Try this traditional healthy classic rice dish.  Download Document

Spicy Mediterranean Fish

Grilling fish is better than frying try this recipe as part of your balanced diet. Download Document

Moussaka Recipe- healthy recipe

A healthier version of the mediterranean aubergine and mince meat bake Download Document

Cooking tips for the South Asian Community

Leicestershire Nutrition and Dietetic Service (LNDS). - Meal for 4 People Use 1 tablespoon oil - measured / 4-6 people 1-1 1/2 tablespoon oil measured - Use spray oil to shallow fry in a non stick pan: eg Try Dry frying your spices, then adding a teaspoon of oil. - Liquidising onions uses no oil as opposed to frying them. Download Document

Cottage Pie - A Twist with spices

Tradtional Cottage pie made the healthier way, you could always add spices to the mince. Download Document

Chicken Tikka

Marianted grilled chicken pieces  Download Document

Chicken Curry-in English and Hindi

A healthy chicken recipe in Hindi and English Download Document