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Guide to Diabetes

Sick Day Rules for Children 


Did you know..........


  1. Children with diabetes who look after their diabetic control do not get more illnesses or infections than other people

  2. Mild illnesses such as sore throats and colds may only reduce appetite and make a child feel miserable and that there may be little effect on a child’s diabetes

  3. Severe children’s illnesses such as ‘flu, tonsillitis and chest infections often cause a raised temperature (fever) and tend to make the blood glucose (BG) go higher because Other hormones like adrenaline, glucagon and cortisone make the liver release extra glucose to help resist the infection

  4. Illnesses with diarrhoea and vomiting (gastro-enteritis) often cause glucosesugar/glucose to go lower (towards a ‘hypo’) because less food is digested and absorbed from the stomach.


What Do When Feeling Ill


  • Never stop the Insulin

  • Test blood glucose more frequently

  • Decide whether more or less insulin is needed

  • If appetite is not normal eat food that’s easily digestible (carbohydrate food or drinks)

  • Drink more water + sugar-free drinks to stop dehydration

  • It’s ok to have paracetamol



Seek medical or nursing help if you think your child’s illness is getting out of control or is not responding to the above measures