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Guide to Diabetes

Diabetes Treatment for Children and young adults

  • Insulin is the only treatment for type 1 diabetes

With type 1 diabetes no insulin is produced, it has to be injected into the body at different injection sites


Why Insulin & why injections

Insulin is very important as you need it to help move  glucose from the blood stream into parts of the body which need it to make energy. Insulin controls the level of  glucose in your blood. Insulin cannot be taken orally as it will not work.

It is also important to monitor your blood glucose levels, because the dose you require at each injection may vary dependent on the food you are eating, your personal lifestyle, activities and wellbeing or illness.

You diabetes team will help you self manage your insulin therapy and diabetes.

  • A useful on DVD about INSULIN - Hands On Insulin  All you need to know about insulin. developed by NOVONORDISK

Insulin Regimes: Basal - Bolus

  • Basal Insulin - Basal insulin is the basic amount of insulin that your body all the time, day and night even in between meals. A long acting insulin.
  • Bolus Insulin - When you eat a meal your blood sugars go up and you need more insulin to cope with it, so you need take a quick acting insulin


The objective of the Basal-Bolus therapy is to mimic the bodies normal production of insulin as closely as possible. To do this you need to give your self basal (background) and Bolus (mealtime) insulin.

Remember: The amount of insulin you will need will vary depending on:

Download the Blood Glucose Chart to print and keep so that you can monitor your levels during the day.

Have you heard of  our award winning FABB - Flexible Adjustment of Basal Bolus?


Insulin Doses to Suit You


If you can answer “Yes” to all of these questions, then FABB is probably for you.

  • Would you like more flexibility to your eating and lifestyle?

  • Would you be happy to test your blood sugars at least 4 times each day?

  • Would you be happy to inject yourself at least 4 times each day?

  • Will you be able to test your blood and take insulin injections during the day (e.g. at school or college)?

  • Have you had type 1 diabetes for over 6 months?

  • Are you under 17 years old?

  • Would you like to improve your diabetes control


You should definitely consider FABB if …

  • You would like to start insulin pump therapy

  • You are pregnant or considering a family

Want to know more and who to contact then download the FABB information leaflet

As you grow older your insulin needs will change also. Your Diabetes team will help you to manage this. You can however,take these simple steps to look after yourself:

  • Test your blood glucose regularly

  • Take your prescribed medicines, insulin is the only way to treat type 1 diabetes, however your treatment may need to be adjusted according to your lifestyle changes over the coming years.

  • Know what to do in an emergency ie if you have a “Hypo” or feeling unwell

  • Learn to take care of yourself, by eating a healthy balanced diet

  • Why not take up a sporting activity, such as martial arts or ice-skating? More on Sports and Activity

  • Take care of your general health by following the guidelines given by your diabetes team

  • Make sure you go to your Diabetes Appointments.

Remember! You are in control of your DIABETES, not the other way round! 


Injection Sites

A guide to safe injection places around the body. Download Document

Blood Glucose Monitoring Diary

A guide to help you monitor your blood glucoses levels during the day Download Document

FABB Information Leaflet

lexible Adjustment of Basal Bolus Infromation Download Document