Referral To The UHL Diabetes Specialist Dietitans

The Diabetes Specialist Dietitians are an integral member of the multi-disciplinary team. The UHL diabetes dietetic team is based at both the Leicester General Hospital and Leicester Royal Infirmary. The dietitians jointly work with Diabetes Specialist Nurses and Consultants in diabetes specialist out-patient clinics.

They are also involved with several patient education programmes for people with diabetes such as DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating) and DESMOND (Diabetes Education for Self-management Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed), foundation groups and Insulin management groups


Who should be referred to the Diabetes Specialist Dietitian Service?



2. Over restrictive eating patterns 


3. Screening for suspected eating disorder

4. other

Contact Us

For further information contact the Diabetes Dietitian Team on:
0116 258 4881
Diabetes Outpatients Department at the General Hospital.