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Referring to the University Hospitals of Leicester Diabetes, endocrinolgy and Metabolic Medicines Services


For the latest in referring to the hospital - download the GP Referrer Guide UHL 2012/13

This section is aimed at staff at UHL, healthcare professionals and GPs across Leicestershire. It hopes to inform you of the criteria required for making referrals to the University of Hospitals Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Diabetes Clinic Services, Specialist Service and Patient Support Groups where stated downloadable applications forms and criteria are available.

Who Should Be Referred?


Below you will find the referral criteria for diabetes explaining when and who should be referred to specialist services at UHL as outlined in the Leicestershire Diabetes Guidelines 2010

Those Requiring Urgent Admission To A&E Department


  • Unconscious, hypoglycaemia.
  • Suspected ketoacidosis/non-ketotic hyperosmolar coma.
  • Newly diagnosed Type 1 with ketones when diabetes specialist services unavailable.


Same Day Referral

  • Newly diagnosed children with diabetes refer to Paediatric Service:
  • Tel: 0116 258 6222 secretary or 0116 258 6923 Admissions
  • Newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes especially urgent in those who present with ketonuria and/or vomiting. 0116 258 5545
  • Patients with infected, necrotic or gangrenous foot ulceration or suspected Charcot Foot.
  • Sudden loss of vision contact Eye Casualty 0116 258 6273
  • Outside normal working hours contact the on-call team via switch board 0300 303 1573


Referral Within 48/72 Hours

  • All women with pre-existing Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes who become pregnant.
  • Women who develop Gestational Diabetes. Contact the diabetes specialist midwives


Priority/Early Referral

  • Women with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes contemplating pregnancy
  • Retinopathy/reduced visual acuity, those with sight threatening retinopathy - refer to Ophthalmology Department Eye Casualty 0116 258 6273
  • Patients presenting with persistent proteinuria.
  • Patients with severely at risk feet – refer to Diabetic Foot Clinic.

Others Where Specialist Advice May Be Considered


People with:-

  • Recurrent hypoglycaemia (Consider direct referral to DSN)
  • Poor glycaemic control despite intensive management (Consider direct referral to DSN)
  • Persistent hypertension and/or hyperlipidaemia despite intensive management as per guidelines.
  • Painful neuropathy not responding to treatment.
  • Erectile dysfunction requiring additional intervention - refer to Andrology/ ED Clinic
  • People with Type 1 Diabetes with previous failure to attend but now receptive to specialist referral (consider direct referral to DSN)
  • Those requiring psychosocial / counselling support to overcome barriers to self-care (consider direct referral to DSN)
  • Patients CKD 3 for optimisation of glucose, BP and lipids if control suboptimal.
  • Patients for DAFNE programme
  • Patient in whom insulin Pump Therapy is being considered.(Consider referral to DSN)





  • Leicester General Hospital: 0116 258 8249
  • Leicester Royal Infirmary: 0116 258 5545
  • Glenfield Hospital: 0116 250 2390

You can also send a letter of referral to the relevant hospital addresses or by faxing to the General Hospital on: 0116 273 7672 (9am-5pm)

For advice call the Diabetes Helpline on 0116 258 4919 (9am- 5pm) 

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