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Guide to Diabetes

What Is Hypopituitarism?

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Hypopituitarism means that the pituitary is not producing enough of the hormones and is common in pituitary diseases.

What happens when there ts too little Pituitary Hormone?


All of the pituitary may become deficient, but all can be replaced by medicines (usually identical to the natural hormone) to return the patient to normal.

Here are a list of the common hormone problems and their symptoms:

  • Thyroid hormone (Thyroxine): Lack of this hormone makes people tired and lacking in energy and may make you gain in weight, feel the cold unusually or give you dry skin or constipation.


  • Adrenal Steroid hormone (Hydrocortisone or Cortisol): Lack of this hormones makes people feel generally unwell, and become seriously ill if stressed by another illness or accident.


  • Oestrogen (female sex hormone): if you lack this hormones then periods will stop and you may suffer from loss of libido and “Hot Flushes” and sweats.


  • Testosterone (Male sex Hormone): if you lack this you may notice loss of libido, reduction in shaving or body hair and ultimately impotence.


  • Growth Hormone: in adults growth hormone deficiency causes slight increase in body fat and decrease in muscle and makes some people feel generally unwell and lacking in energy. It can be used in children who still need to grow.
  • Desmopressin: is a drug similar to the hormone which controls the concentration of urine.



Functionless Pituitary Tumours: What Are They?


Some pituitary tumours cause effects by producing too much of a particular hormone. Pituitary tumours which do not cause excessive production of any pituitary hormone are known as “Functionless (or Non-Functioning) Pituitary Tumours”. They produce their effect by pressure on the normal pituitary gland and surrounding structures, causing symptoms mentioned above and the following:

  • Symptoms due to pituitary deficiency (e.g Lack of periods in women)
  • Loss of vision due to pressure on the nerves from the eyes
  • Headaches

For more information download the leaflet below


Functionless Pituitary Tumours

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The Pituitary Gland

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