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Diabetes Services

Pharmacy Initiatives: Diabetes

Please write your picture caption hereAll local community pharmacists can offer help and support for diabetes.


This support includes:

  • Advice about taking medication

  • Monitoring and testing advice and interpreting results

  • Dietary support and encouragement of eating a balanced diet

  • Importance of regular check ups and attendance at clinic appointments

  • Foot care

  • Treating minor ailments and self medicating

Most pharmacies in the city and county now offer a diabetes and blood pressure testing service in their pharmacies.

Services Specifically designed for patients with diabetes

Both involve:

  • lifestyle assessment
  • medical history
  • public health advice

The blood pressure test involves:

  • blood pressure readings
  • lifestyle advise
  • explanation of the medication you may be prescribed.

The diabetes test includes:

  • BP reading
  • blood glucose reading and a fasting test.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) and waist circumference is also measured.

The customer may be given a report with referral or non-referral advice.

Please ask your local pharmacist for details of what service is available in your area.(there may be a small charge)  

Leicester City: 

  • Pearl Chemist 185-187 Evington Road Leicester, Le2 1QN 

  • Moins Chemist - East Park road

  • Find your pharmacy


West Leicestershire: local pharmacy details 

'Think pharmacist first. They can provide much more than just a prescription' - that's the message from West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (WL CGG). Some pharmacies offer enhanced services such as emergency contraception, chlamydia screening, help with treating long term conditions, such as diabetes, coronary heart problems and asthma.

They can also offer advice, such as help to quit smoking, losing weight and lowering blood pressure.


Darren Jackson, GP and Clinical Lead for West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Pharmacists are highly qualified healthcare professionals who have expert knowledge on prescription and over the counter medicines. Common symptoms are better treated at home with medicine from your pharmacy, leaving doctor’s appointments for people with more complicated or serious conditions.

“Many are open weekends and evenings too and you can just walk straight in and use their services without an appointment. Why not call into your local pharmacy to find out more about what they do and how they can help you today?”

Most pharmacies now have consulting rooms where patients can discuss their problems in private with the pharmacist. Pharmacists also provide the chance for patients taking new medication to discuss it and make sure they are taking it correctly, as well as annual reviews for regular patients taking two or more tablets.

The push to use pharmacists comes as the winter season of coughs and colds begins. To find your nearest pharmacy go to West Leicestershire local pharmacy details 

East Leicestershire:

Your local Pharmacies