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Christmas Diabetes Advice 

(16th December 2014)

Christmas Baubles 2014

Well it’s that time of the year again! Many of us are rushing around excitedly making preparations for Christmas. It’s a busy time of year with lots of parties and socialising at home and at work with plenty of special treats in the way of food, snacks and alcohol.

Unfortunately we know that around 4% of the city’s population also has diabetes.  It seems that when you have diabetes, whatever your faith, this time of year can be a time when you may have questions or difficulties in managing your diabetes effectively and participate in the practices of your faith, and the celebrations with friends and family.

With Christmas fast approaching it is a time when we will be indulging in festive treats eating and drinking more.

However it is a time to prepare and think about managing your diabetes.

It can make it especially difficult to keep your blood sugars at reasonable levels with all the changes in routine and extra foods, often that have more sugar and fat content. We hope to give you some guidance/tips in taking extra precautions with managing your diabetes.

New Year 

We all look forward to the new year and taking it easy, but dont forget to order yor medication in advance so that you have enough to keep you going over the back holidays. Many GP’s pharmacist will be closed. so make sure you plan ahead. 

Insulin Therapy

If your diabetes is managed on insulin therapy you can adjust your insulin (particularly quick or rapid acting insulin) to accommodate extra foods or snacks. Discuss how to adjust insulin with your diabetes team. They will be able to give you some guidance on doses. In order to successfully adjust your insulin you will need to regularly monitor your blood sugars. (See Section on Managing your Diabetes).

Drinking in Moderation

It is also important to understand the effect that alcoholic drinks can have on your blood sugars when you have diabetes and are on treatments such as insulin.  You can then take any necessary precautions that will keep you safe and well but still allow you to enjoy a drink with friends and family.

Driving Safely 

Drive safely over the festive period, dont drink and drink always plan your journeys. test before you drive and be aware of hypos - see our safe driving and the DVLA lealfet

More Information

Click on “LIVING WITH DIABETES” and then Festivities for practical advice to help you enjoy and make the most of Christmas and New Year.

For Healthier Christmas Dinner Recipe Ideas have a look at our Healthy Eating and Drinking  ection for ways of making the traditional Christmas dinner healthier.


( The Diabetes Clinical Team)