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The Safe Use Of Insulin E - Learning Modules

(13th May 2014)

Over 70,000 health professionals across 40 Trusts have completed an innovative e-learning course developed in Leicester: "The Safe use of Insulin". 
The course provides health professionals with guidance and support for the safe use of insulin, this includes a training programme for all prescribing staff, following a number of 

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insulin-related incidents.


Safer Administration of Insulin - Have YOU Completed the Training?

Both Helen Atkins and June James were part of the team who designed online training course in conjunction with NHS Diabetes for all health professionals who need to administer insulin for patients with diabetes.

The course is now hosted by Virtual College.
To register for the modules and complete the E- Learning you can use the links given below:


Safe Use of Insulin e- learning MODULES

There are currently 5 modules with a further 8 in development to be released over the coming months.

Currently available:

  1. The Safe Use of Insulin
  2.  The Safe Use of Intravenous Insulin Infusions
  3.  The Safe Management of Hypoglycaemia
  4.  The Safe Use of Non-Insulin Therapies
  5. The Safe Use of Insulin Syringes, Pen Devices, Pumps and Sharp


Shortly to be released new programmes are:

  1. Safe Management of Diabetes during End of Life Care

  2. Safe Management of People with Diabetes, Dementia, Depression and Severe Mental Illness
  3. Paediatric Diabetes Education Level 1


Forthcoming programmes in development will cover:


  1. Managing Diabetes in Pregnancy
  2. Safe Management of the Diabetic Foot
  3. Walking away from Diabetes (a module for service users).


In addition to the above, in conjunction with NHS England Patient Safety team, we will also be releasing two new programmes on wider safety issues:


  1. Omitted and Delayed Medicines
  2. Minimise the Risk of Harm from Medicines Overdose

Options for subscription are:


  1. The cost for accessing the full suite across your whole organisation for all employees for 12 months is £5,000+VAT.2.      
  2. For smaller organisations, <5,000 staff, we are allowing organisations to join together to purchase 1 site license to cover the grouped organisations. In this case the total number of employees (or in the case of CCGs, the total number of employees and GPs employees) in the grouping organisations must be less than 5,000. The group purchase does not mean a group license, we will treat each organisation separately. The group purchase is purely to offer a better value options to smaller organisations.
  3.  If a number of organisations would like to subscribe en masse, we are offering a 10% discount on the £5,000 annual subscription to £4,500 +VAT (to qualify for this you need a minimum of 5 organisations joining together.


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