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Diabetes Services

UHL Diabetes Specialist Nurses (DSN's)

As the name suggests we  are nurses with specialisation in diabetes care. The DSNs are a very important part of the diabetes clinical team. They are autonomous professionals, similar to Consultants and Specialist Registrars.


Diabetes Specialist Nurses (DSN's)

The Diabetes Specialist Nurses team is based across three sites, Leicester, Royal Infirmary (LRI), Leicester General (LGH) and Glenfield Hospital (GH). The team is dynamic and work across sites all over seen by the Matron.

Modern Matron: Judith Spiers

Diabetes Nurse Consultant: June James Co-chair of TREND-UK

Hospital Service - Secondary Care

  • Alyson Simpson - Pump therapy
  • Amanda Trown
  • Amy Redfern
  • Carole Ward
  • Caroline Phillipson
  • Caroline Wilkes - Pump therapy
  • Dawn Ackroyd  - Pump therapy
  • Helen Atkins - Inpatient Lead Nurse 
  • Hemlata Patel 
  • Jane Fairfield - Lead DSN Type 1 Diabetes Pathway & Education
  • Mary Thomas - Think Glucose Lead
  • Mercy Augustine 
  • Rachel Berrington - Footcare Lead
  • Sabera Khan - Diabetes Eye Specialist Nurse
  • Sarah Page
  • Sharon Densham


Community Service 

The diabetes team also extend to the community where we have dedicated Diabetes Specialist Nurses (DSNS) and Diabetes Dietitians across Leicestershire.

  • Anne McDermott
  • Anne Spanswick - Non Medical Prescriber (NMP)
  • Caroline Byard - (NMP)
  • Danielle Bruce -  (NMP)
  • Elizabeth Mottram
  • Gillian Harris NMP
  • Julie Bell (NMP)
  • Kate Blackburn
  • Lisa Rymer
  • Lisa Walker  - (NMP)
  • Maxine Stewart
  • Nia Thomas
  • Rotimi Layeni (NMP)
  • Sandra Campbell - Research 

What is the role of the Diabetes Specialist Nurse

The DSNs aim to empower patients to self-manage their diabetes. They are supported by Diabetes Educators

Their role is to enhance the care provided to people with diabetes when they attend the hospital either as an inpatient or as outpatient.

They provide education, advice and support to:-

  • Professional and non-professional staff caring for people with diabetes
  • People with diabetes. This is an individualised service designed to meet their personal and clinical needs
  • Patients families, carers and health professionals
  • For crisis management i.e. illness, hypoglycaemia, newly diagnosed diabetes, foot ulcers
  • During periods of change of treatment
  • During the process of improving overall control
  • On equipment used in the administering of Insulin
  • On issues connected with the disease process
  • Group education for newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes patients.

Diabetes Educators help the Diabetes Specialist Nurse on the wards. They teach patients about injection pens /apparatus and technique and blood glucose monitoring.


DSN's service different from Doctors

Patients are referred to the DSNs via General Practioner and other Healthcare Professionals in the hospital e.g. Medical Team from the Department or other areas of the hospital.

The Diabetes Specialist Nurses work mainly across the hospitals but do some work in Primary care. Others work mainly in the community and are employed by the PCT’s but do 20% of their time in hospitals to keep their practice updated and we have others that work only in the hospitals.

The Diabetes Specialist Nursing service provide a wide range of services to patients including: Group Insulin Initiation, Diabetes Education Groups, Insulin Pump Therapy individual nurse led clinics, Inpatient Care and Paediatric Services.

Contact Us

The Diabetes Nurse can be contacted via

Secretary to the DSNs:  0116 258 4438
Helpline Number: 0116 258 4919 (9.00pm - 5.00pm)