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Diabetes Services

Diabetes Specialist Combined Clinics 

We the diabetes team are also involved in running many multidisciplinary specialist clinics both at the Royal Infirmary and at the General Hospital. Most of the clinics are by appointment only and require referral from your GP.


Ante-Natal Diabetes Clinic

Leicester General Hospital

Every Tuesday morning and afternoon Contact: 0116 258 4885
Leicester Royal Infirmary
Every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon Contact: 0116 258 6471

Combined Renal Clinic (Nephrology) Kidneys

Leicester General Hospital
Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday afternoon (Dr Gregory)
Contact: 0116 258 8017

Every 1st and 3rd Friday morning (Dr Kong) 
Contact: 0116 258 8304
For more information see East Midlands Renal Network website 


Diabetes Eye Clinic Opthalmic Department Leicester Royal Infirmary

Retinal Screening
Every Wednesday and Friday mornings
Contact: 0116 258 5928

Diabetes Laser and Follow Up Clinics
Every Monday morning Sam Wong & Sabera Khan (DSN) 
Contact: 0116 258 5928
Diabetes Laser and Follow Up clinics & Retinal Screening
Every Tuesday morning Mr Deane, Sam, Mr Choudhuri & Sabera Khan 
Contact: 0116 258 5928

Diabetes Foot Clinics - see foot service also

Leicester General Hospital
Every Monday afternoons, Wednesday and Thursday Mornings
Contact: 0116 258 4438


Endocrinology /Diabetes and Hormones Clinics

Leicester Royal Infirmary
Medical Andrology 
Every 2nd Friday afternoon of the month Dr McNally 
Contact: 0116 258 6182

Leicester General Hospital 
Medical Andrology 
Every 1st Friday afternoon of the month Dr Jackson 
Contact: 0116 258 8017

Endocrine Young Adult Clinic 
Every 3rd Thursday Afternoon of the month


Leicester Royal Infirmary

Endocrine clinic
Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings
Contact: 0116 258 6140

Pituitary Clinic  - Every Friday morning

All clinics above are by appointment only contact: 0116 258 6140

Radioactive Iodine Clinic
Every 4th Wednesday afternoon of the month

Surgical Endocrine Clinic
Every 3rd Wednesday afternoon of the month


Paediatric/ Childrens Multidisciplinary Clinics
(upto 16 years) 

Leicester Royal Infirmary 
Every Monday & Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons
Contact : 0116 258 5147
Insulin Pump Clinics - Every Thursday mornings
Contact: 0116 258 5147

Pump Therapy Clinics (Adults) 

Every Tuesday Morning at Leicester Royal Infirmary

Contact:  0116 258 5545

Smoking Cessation Clinic

Every Monday morning at the Endocrinology department, Victoria building LRI If you would like to quit and need help and support Contact: 0116 295 4141 for an appointment.

Transition / Diabetes Young Adults Clinics 
(ages 16-19)

Leicester General Hospital 
Diabetes Young Adult Clinic - Every 3rd & last Thursday afternoon of the month
Contact: 0116 258 6481 / 5402 / 6222
Leicester Royal Infirmary 
Endocrine Young Adult Clinic Every 3rd Thursday afternoon of the month
Contact: 0116 258 6140

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