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Welcome to the Leicestershire Diabetes Website

This website is to help promote the Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust as one of the UK's leading 'Centre of Excellence' in Diabetes and Endocrinology. Working in Partnership with the PCTs across Leicestershire & Rutland.

 We are continually developing and updating content for this site to make it a comprehensive Diabetes resource for patients and health care professionals alike across Leicestershire and Rutland. Please read the disclaimer.

Website Aim

The website is designed to be a resource for people with diabetes, their families and carers, the general public and Health Care Professionals as part of the Education and empowerment of Patients set out by the National Service Framework (NSF).

The website is continually developing but aims to be a comprehensive resource of information, advice and education in diabetes and endocrinology for patients, healthcare professionals in Leicester, the wider Leicestershire and Rutland community and across the worldwide web.

It aims to deliver user-friendly advice and information covering aspects from being newly diagnosed with diabetes to current professional developments in the field of diabetes and diabetes research.


We hope that this website will help support people with diabetes to effectively self-manage their diabetes and improve quality of life through sharing information and knowledge.

The pioneering website has become a bench mark other NHS bodies around the country. Healthcare professionals, patients, and carers have labelled the website as “Excellent”
The Leicestershirediabetes.org.uk website project was envisaged by the Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology at the Leicester Royal Infirmary to encompass all the Diabetes Services available to the public within the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Primary Care Trusts (PCT’s) and the NHS within Leicestershire and Rutland. The website content and development was initially facilitated by Bernie Stribling, Jane Grant and Shehnaz Jamal.


A bit of History

The information on the website has been derived from and written by members of the multidisciplinary Diabetes and Endocrinology team in Leicestershire

This website and its content is researched, collated, re-written, developed, presented and is continually maintained by our dedicated Website Development Coordinator -Shehnaz Jamal, striving to ensure that the site is regularly updated and contains robust, evidenced based information in a style that does not contain to much medical ‘jargon’. (2004-2013)

We would like to thank BrighterDesigns, for creating and developing the design and layout and template of the new website and to provide the various functionalities. The website is also hosted by them.


We would like to thank Medical Illustrations (UHL) for use of their photographs and Shehnaz Jamal for photography of events. Other images have been sourced from Microsoft website and the NHS photo library .

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