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Guide to Diabetes

MY Diabetes Handbook - Personal diabetes record for all patients with Diabetes in Leicestershire


This is a resource available to all patients across Leicestershire (The ring binder has been replaced by a plactic a wallet)

New updated Version now available

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The MY Diabetes Handbook has been produced by the University Hospitals of Leicester’s (UHL), diabetes team working in partnership with the CCGs in an effort to help empower you, the patient so as to make your appointments with the doctors, nurses, consultants and with any health care professional more meaningful.

The new pack has been put together to support you in looking after your diabetes. Whether you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes or you have had it for sometime, the pack can provide you with information on how you can manage yourdiabetes on a dialy basis. There is also information on who can support you and where you can access this information should you need to.


About the Pack


The new pack includes three booklets contained in a plactic wallet.

  • ME & MY Diabetes

  • Diabetes Explained

  • Living With Diabetes


As healthcare professionals supporting you to look after your diabetes, it is important that everyone is up-to-date with your diabetes treatments and recent results. This handbook has been written to enable you to write down al of your information and share this with youe Doctor/nurse/diabetes team.

It is important you take your pack to all of your diabetes appointments to keep everyone up to date with your treatments and test results. it may also remind you of questions you want to discuss with your healthcare professional.

Why Should I Have One?

You might find this useful in the following ways:

  • Understanding what diabetes is.
  • Communication between yourself and health care professionals involved in your care.
  • When and how to get support if you need it.

The record belongs to you, the patient and allows you to write in your personal diabetes details and personal self care goals and test results. You can then take this with you when you to all of your diabetes appointments.


I have received a MY Diabetes Handbook – what do I do with it?

Once you have received your Personal Diabetes Handbook, you are advised to carry this record with you to ALL your diabetes appointments so that you can enter /record all your test results, including your annual review appointments.


I don't have a copy, where do I get one?

If you have not already got a Personal Diabetes Handbook and would like a copy:

  • Please ask your GP when you next visit.
  • If you are a University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) Patient ask the diabetes team for a copy during consultation with the Diabetes Specialist Nurse or the Consultant.

Some of you have the old A5 ring binder handbook. You are encouraged to get the new revised version. Please ask your GP.

Where can I get additional Annual Review/ appointment action planning pages for my old record?

You can print off extra pages to add into your record below
•                Appointments Diary
•                Annual Review (1)
•                Annual Review (2)
•                Annual Review targets
•                Personnal Action Plan

PLEASE contact your GP for a copy of the new handbook
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