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DESMOND Research projects

The DESMOND Project continue to be at the forefront in developing Diabetes Education and continue to ensure that the programmes it has developed and constantly being tested, evaluated and improved.


The DESMOND Programmes Researchers are currently involved in the following studies:


The Lay Educator study

This is being funded by Diabetes UK, will be looking at whether or not lay people can be trained to successfully deliver DESMOND, to people newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, in partnership with Health care Professionals. Read more about the study

Lets Prevent

A Randomised Controlled Study for the Prevention of Diabetes using an Educational Intervention and Continuous Support Programme in those with Pre-Diabetes in a Multi Ethnic Population. Funded by NIHR programme grant. Read more about the study.


SMBG Monitoring Study (Self Monitoring Blood Glucose)

The study, funded by Diabetes UK, is a multi-site study being run in 8 PCTs around England. Patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes were referred to the trial. Participants attended a DESMOND course during which they learnt about self-monitoring using either blood glucose testing or urine testing. Read more about the study.

The latest DESMOND research news can be found on the Desmond-project website:


New Wave of DESMOND Programmes and Modules 


Building on the foundation of existing DESMOND programmes. A new wave of DESMOND programmes will soon be emerging from research, fit for purpose, evidence-based, and ready to be made available throughout the UK. Because these programmes build on existing DESMOND training, they require less additional resources and represent excellent value for money.





During Ramadan 2010 a new education programme for people with Type 2 Diabetes will be available in Leicester, Preston, Harrow, Reading and Kirklees. This pilot project is the start for a full programme that will run next year.

For the latest Desmond Pogramme News please link to the Desmond-project website