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Hospital Links with Gondar

Leicester University and the UHL have a formal link with a regional hospital in Gondar, in Ethiopia. There have been strong links with the paediatric department, surgery and anaesthetics, and a number of joint initiatives have been set up.

Gondar really is in a fairly terrible state in terms of diabetes management. There is little access to insulin, with many patients actually not able to receive insulin therapy at all. There is also very limited access to blood glucose monitoring of patients in hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis.


Ethiopia is one of the world’s poorest countries and health care could benefit from your support. The Leicester-Gondar Medical Link is run by a group of health professionals in Leicester and we work closely with the Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET), the registered Charity which manages our charitable income. We work to improve healthcare training in Ethiopia by providing expertise and support to our colleagues in Gondar.

There have been strong links with the paediatric department, surgery and anaesthetics, and a number of joint initiatives have been set up.



We have been encouraged by the way in which many professional colleagues from Leicester have given up holidays, or arranged leave of absence, so that they can share their skills and expertise with health teams in Africa.

We are encouraged, too, when many of those with whom we work in Africa say that our approach to collaborative work is special because we listen to what they want. And many of you have helped to facilitate short visits from colleagues in Gondar, to gain skills in Leicester.


Show your Support: Share your Skills

Our success has led to more requests for help, more than we currently have funding to support. So we are reaching out more widely for support. Would you be able to help and become a regular donor or make a one-off contribution?

Your support will help our Ethiopian colleagues to develop their roles as nurses, doctors, laboratory staff and other health care staff in the fields of paediatrics, heart disease, epilepsy, health management, surgery and rehabilitation.


Examples of the activities your donation might support include:

Visits by Leicester staff to train and support our Gondar partners on their wards, in their classrooms, in their laboratories and as they go out into communities.


You would also be supporting visits to Leicester by our Ethiopian partners for targeted training, helping them to access information and sending them essential equipment and textbooks.


For further information

Contact Link Secretary Dr John Moore on 0116 270 0034 

Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated. A regular monthly donation of a few pounds or a one off gift will be especially valued.

Mike Silverman- Chair, Leicester-Gondar Medical Link