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Diabetes Services

Diabetes foot screening tool – putting feet first UHL Campaign
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The purpose of this tool is to identify patients with diabetes who have an active foot problem and ensure they are promptly referred to the diabetes team. It also identifies patients with diabetes who do not have an active foot problem but are at risk of developing foot problems whilst in hospital.


By identifying these patients and using appropriate preventative measures, the aim is to reduce the risk of ulceration occurring during their hospital stay.


  • The nursing staff on the ward will fill in the form and it will be kept in the notes.

  • The nurses on the ward will be trained to find foot pulses.

  • The diabetes team feel they would rather have more referrals than not enough.

  • The podiatrists are going to do some promotions as they feel they can do more. This pilot will start on the diabetes wards 31 and 32, when paperwork is done.