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Clinical research Studies within the Leicester Diabetes Centre


The Diabetes Department at the University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) has a large portfolio of successful academic and commercial trials.


Actively recruiting for the following studies:

Get Goal duo 2: A randomized, open-label, active-controlled, 3-arm parallel-group, 26-week study comparing the efficacy and safety of lixisenatide to that of insulin glulisine once daily and insulin glulisine three times daily in patients with Type 2 diabetes insufficiently controlled with insulin glargine with or without metformin.

Recruitment - Now closed
Lead Nurse - Bharti Patel   T: 0116 258 4725


Carmelina study -  1218.22: Randomized, double blind, placebo controlled Cardiovascular Safety & Renal Microvascular outcome study with Linagliptin 5mg once daily in patients with type 2 diabetes at high vascular risk. To also compare Linagliptin V placebo as add on therapy in standard care.
Duration of Study: 48 month study
Recruitment target:15 patients

Recruitment till - 2016
Recruitment Strategies: PIC GP Site searches, Secondary Care clinic searches, Database.

If you would like more details about the study please contact the Lead nurse: Carrie Wilson 
T: 0116 258 4499


SNAC Study: A Phase 2 Multiple dose trial examining dose range, escalation and efficacy of oral Semaglutide. in subjects with Type 2 Diabetes who have failed on diet and exercise. This is a randomised, partially-blinded, multicentre trial comprising seven oral semaglutide arms, an oral placebo arm and an s.c semaglutide arm in a parallel design. A total of nine treatment arms.
Study Duration: 26 week study 
Recruitment Target: 8 patients
Recruitment till: 30/04/2014

Recruitment Strategies: PIC GPSite Searches, Secondary Care Clinic Searches,
Database Review of current T2DM patients.
If you would like more details about the study please contact the Lead nurse Jackie Wayte
T: 0116 258 4499


Lixilan - O study: This study is looking at the effiacy and safety of insulin glargine v GLP lixisenatide v glargine/lixisenatide in a fixed ratio combination. We are looking for people with type 2 diabetes on metformin aone or in comination with a Su or nateglinide or SGLT-2 inhibitor. The study lasts 36 weeks (9 months) and the patient has to come to the dept for 12 visits.
Recruitment target: 8 patient
Recruitment till – 28/1014
Recruitment Strategies: PIC GP Site searches, Secondary Care clinic searches, Database.
If you would like more details about the study please contact the Lead nurse Helen Bray
T: 0116 258 4408 e:


Omneon study: This study is a cardiovascular outcome study looking at once weekly DPP4 v placebo. We are looking for people who are over 40 years of age with preexisiting vascular disease such as MI, CVA, and peripheral disease. The study lasts up to 3 years and participants will have to attend the dept every 6 weeks for the first year and then 4 times a year for the remainder of the study. The patient can be on any medication except GLP1 or DPP4 or basal bolus regime (can have mixed insulins and basal).
Recruitment target: 7 patient
Recruitment till – ongoing until further notice
Recruitment Strategies: PIC GP Site searches, Secondary Care clinic searches, Database.
If you would like more details about the study please contact the Lead nurse Helen Bray
T: 0116 258 4408

The GWP42004 (Cannabinoid) Study: The Leicester Diabetes Centre is currently running a clinical trial to look at a new drug treatment for Type 2 Diabetes; in particular we are looking for people to take part who are taking oral Metformin 1000mg or more per day for their main Diabetes treatment. This study is looking at whether GW Research Ltd. (GW)’s medicine, GWP 42004 has an impact on blood glucose control in the treatment of people with Type 2 Diabetes compared with a dummy medicine (placebo) that contains no active ingredient.

This is a 14 week long, randomised control trial (like flipping a coin) with four treatment groups. This means that you will be randomly given either: 2mg of GWP 42004, 5mg of GWP 42004, 15mg of GWP 42004 or a dummy medication but you and the study doctor/nurse won’t know which one.

During these 14 weeks you will come to the centre five times to see how things are going. At most visits the following will happen: a physical examination, blood sample tests taken, questionnaires about your health and a medication history review. We will give you a blood glucose meter to monitor your blood glucose levels and a diary to record them into.

At two of the visits you will have an ECG to measure the activity of your heart and an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test to assess your glucose control after a glucose drink. This will involve 3 blood samples being taken over a 2 hour period.
Your participation is voluntary and you will receive an inconvenience payment for attending 2 of the visits which are a bit longer in duration, as well as all reasonable travel expenses throughout the study.
To discuss this study further and for more information please contact: Frances Morris Research Nurse T: 0116 258 4725 or 0116 258 7819 (where you can leave a message).




Completed Studies

  • BIAJ: The Imagine 2 Study: A Comparison of LY2605541 Versus Insulin Glargine as Basal Insulin Treatment in Combination with Oral Anti – Hyperglycaemia Medications in Insulin-Nave Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Double Blind Randomised Study.
  • BIAM - Imagine 4: The Impact of LY2605541 versus Insulin Glargine for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Advanced to Multiple Injection Bolus Insulin with Insulin Lispro: A Double Blind, Randomised, 26 week study.
  • Renal Study - NN2211-3916: To Confirm the Superiority of Liraglutide versus Placebo as Add on to Existing Oral Anti-Diabetic Drug OAD and or Insulin Therapies on GlycaemicControl after 26 Weeks Treatmentin subjects with Type 2 diabetes and Moderate Renal Impairment.

  • BIO 



Please telephone or call into the Leicester Diabetes Centre and we will be happy to discuss the study with you or the patient. If you have any patients that would be suitable for any of the studies or would like more information about any of the above research studies contact the research team on the numbers above.

Thank you 


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