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PatientsPatients - when you attend clinics


When you come to the clinic at the hospital you may be asked to take part in diabetes research studies. Don’t be alarmed!!!


There are a number of studies that the diabetes research team carry out they may be anything from 1 year studies to 5 year studies.


If you are asked to become involved in the studies it will be because you are the suitable type of person the team is looking for the studies.


GP surgeries are involved with the selection process for certain studies and you may receive a letter inviting you to take part from your doctors into one of our studies.


Types of Studies


The team carries out academic and commercial studies in all areas of diabetes to include:

  • New oral treatments and combinations of treatments for diabetes
  • New insulins including inhaled insulin
  • Long term cardiovascular outcomes
  • Pre-diabetes and prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Early detection of Type 2 Diabetes and intensive treatment


It is ultimately up to you if you decide to take part in the study but being in a study has shown that patients have better outcomes and control of diabetes.


Current studies

Here is a list of current studies we have in leicester that you may wish to take part in if you are a suitable candidate.


StructUred EduCation Programme To Improve Cardiovascular Risk In WomEn With PolycyStic Ovary Syndrome. There may be a combination of symptoms including excess hair, irregular/absent periods, and infertility. More than half of the patients with PCOS are overweight or obese and almost half of these women have a problem in controlling (metabolising) their blood glucose and therefore are at a higher risk of developing more


Can Vitamin D Replacement Reduce Insulin Resistance In South Asians With Vitamin D Deficiency? A study about Vitamin D Deficiency and risk of Diabetes in South Asian people read more

Treat for Ramadan 


Treat for Ramadan is a study being run in your community looking at medicines which may make it safer for people with diabetes to Fast during Ramadan. Read more


A randomised controlled trial of the cost effectiveness of a screening and intensive multi-factorial intervention programme for Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Read More


Let’s Prevent Study
Let’s Prevent (formerly known as Prevention) is the first randomised controlled study looking at whether an educational lifestyle programme (of diet and exercise) can prevent those with a condition called pre-diabetes going on to develop diabetes. Read More


Walking Away from Type 2 Diabetes

The aim of the Walking Away study is to find out whether we can help people with a high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes to make informed lifestyle decisions and reduce their risk of developing the disease in the future. Read more

Expedition Study
We need your help to find out how Type 2 diabetes affects younger people living in Leicester.- ACTIVELY RECRUITING 18 - 30 year olds Read more

Thousands of people have been invited from Leicester to take part in the studies within Diabetes Research at the hospital.


Want to become involved?


If you are interested in becoming involved with any research studies carried out by the diabetes research team and would like further information please contact the SEM Diabetes  Research team:

Claire Studd or Michelle Izzard - PPI Events and Media Coordinator and PPI Lead 

South East Midlands Diabetes Research Network
Leicester Diabetes Centre (Broadleaf)
University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Leicester General Hospital
Tel: 0116 258 4709/7256 or
Text PPI to 88010 followed by your name or





Diabetes Research Network - Patient Public Involvement (2012)

Information about PPI and how you can get involved. Download Document


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