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Diabetes Services

Intermediate Community Diabetes Service (ICDS) (UHL Diabetes Care)

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About the Service

The Integrated Community Diabetes Service (ICDS), is an NHS Leicester City PCT funded initiative. The University Hospitals' of Leicester's Diabetes team were awarded the contract in December 2009. Service commenced in April 2010.

Integrated/ Intermediate Community Diabetes Service (ICDS) What does it mean for people with Diabetes?

ICDS multidisciplinary service brings diabetes care closer to home for patients who have poor control of their diabetes through eight community-based clinics. This will mean patients who previously attended hospital as an outpatient will instead, where appropriate, be able to receive specialist diabetes care at health centre’s and medical practices closer to where they live.


Our vision is to provide and integrated model of care responsive to the needs of our local community.

The ICDS Team offer training, education and support around insulin initiation and will continually be involved with helping the healthcare professionals in the community to deliver diabetes care.

Delivering the service

The ICDS Team Consists of DSNsDietitian, Consultant NurseMatronPharmacistGP ChampionConsultantService Manager, 2 Admin Staff

The team delivering this service will have the right skills to support people with diabetes requiring more complex care within their own communities.

These includes:

  • 1 University Hospitals of Leicester's' Diabetes Consultant
  • Diabetes Specialist Nurses (DSN's)
  • 1 Diabetes Specialist Dietititian

Diabetes Specialist Nurses (Intermediate Care)

  • Anne Spanswick
  • Rotimi Layeni
  • Lisa Rymer
  • Anne McDermott


Where are the clinics held?


  • Diabetes Care, Leicester General Hospital
  • Rusheymead Health Centre
  • Springfield Road Health Centre
  • The Hedges Medical Centre
  • The Merlyn Vaz Health and Social Centre
  • Westcotes Health Centre

Referring to Intermediate Diabetes Care Service 

Patients not registered with an "Enhanced  Practice" can be referred to the ICDS service using the Referral form or choose and book.

The patient is then assessed in Triage
Consultations are then booked either face-to-face or telephone

Care planning with patient is done this is all documented and communicated too.

The patient is then Followed up and discharge when appropriate. This means primary and secondary healthcare professionals work as one big team

ICDS Clinics


There are 5 a week and 1 more once a month.

  • LGH - Tuesday AM
  • Merlyn Vaz - Tuesday - ALL DAY
  • Hedges - Wednesday AM
  • Westcotes Wednesday PM
  • Rushey Mead - Thursday - PM
  • Springfield - Friday -once a month - ALL DAY


We have late clinicsa helpline service-phone and email for patients and staff. 
We work with EMAS & SPA. We offer Education packages and Insulin accreditation for healthcare professionals in NHS Leicester City.

What do we provide?

Clinical management and education for people with diabetes needing Level 2 care.

Level 2 care for patients being:

  • Supported discharge from specialist care
  • Patients with HbA1c >7.5% for longer than 2 years and on maximum oral medication.
  • Pre-pregnancy counselling in uncomplicated diabetes
  • Poor glycaemic control including hypoglycaemia & hyperglycaemia
  • Initiation /optimisation of injectable therapies 
  • Insulin management group education

The Service Outcomes

  • 730 patients referred into the service in the first year
  • HbA1c are down
  • The service came runner up at the Quality In Care 2011
  • Posters accepted DUK

The service has already proved to be effective in reducing hospital admissions.

Reduce numbers using EMAS for treatment of hypoglycaemia and subsequent admission rates.There have been increased numbers of patients able to self- manage by 5% each year. The service ensure all patients have an individualised care plan. Effective Type 2 insulin initiation within 14 days from referral. The service ensures robust training package for all PCT staff and voluntary groups, it ensure equity of service delivery


For Healthcare Professionals

  • Clinical supervision of GPs and P/Ns in insulin initiation.

  • Insulin start groups & Insulin management groups are now available see professional section for details

  • Education for community groups, community pharmacists and primary care staff - Diabetes Management update

  • Severe hypoglycaemia outreach / admission avoidance


Clinical governance/training for staff training Needs


  • Training needs assessment of all practices across NHS Leicester City PCT
  • Professional updates (3 times per year)
  • Community nursing staff updates (5 times per year)
  • Community pharmacists (3 times per year)


ICDS Administrator:  Tel/Fax: 0116 273 4845

Jane Fairfield (lead)
June James (Training Lead)




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